run around the block

from by remambran



i've got your number but won't call you very often. then i'll want you in my bed. then i'll have you in my head. well i'll just run around the block. if you get caught, say you won't talk. figured all the moments left but i'm still too stubborn to move. i know you're gonna live out in the city. so you come here and find me so in love, singing old songs, with one eye on the next train.
let's break into the house, i don't see anybody. i heard they have a swimming pool. when i see u in the nude. i might run around the block if you get caught, say you won't talk. savor all the moments that we have left and you just say "i know i may live and die out in the suburbs." will you come out and visit me next year when the seasons change will i see you on the next train.


from drawing out, released October 1, 2014




remambran Los Angeles, California

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